About Polyspectral

Polyspectral is a small developer of audio software based in Boston. We develop cutting-edge techniques for the creation and processing of music and sound. Check back for news about Polyspectral's technology and products.

We also provide consulting services, for firms who need niche expertise at the intersection of deep software engineering, signal processing theory, and audio creativity. In particular we have many years of experience in the video game industry and are uniquely qualified to tackle problems surrounding interactive audio. Continue reading to learn more about the services we provide.


Polyspectral MBC is a multiband compressor plugin for Audiokinetic's Wwise audio middleware. It has been carefully designed specifically for realtime mastering of a game's audio mix.

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Research & Prototyping

We're used to working quickly and creatively. If you have an audio concept you want to hear in action, or a tough problem to solve, we can advise on approaches or whip up a first prototype and get your project off the ground and headed in the right direction.

Game Audio

Wrestling with Wwise or FMOD? Facing workflow and asset management problems? Have a unique creative problem or need custom DSP? Or just have no clue how to start adding audio to a game and need an all-in-one audio partner? With a decade of experience in game audio, and mastery of both the creative and technical ends of the spectrum, we're well-equipped to help.

dsp development

We live and breathe filters, transforms, convolutions, interpolators, synthesizers, modulators, and nonlinear distortions. We're no strangers to the mathematical theory underlying digital signal processing, nor to the practical realities of writing stable, performant, and great-sounding code on modern platforms.


Technical challenges are what we thrive on. Whether you need your code running on an exotic embedded platform or in the cloud, whether it needs to be optimized for SIMD or memory footprint or for concurrency, we're not only capable but eager to help you find a solution for your problem.



Polyspectral worked with Harmonix to develop the first working prototypes of the Freestyle Guitar Solo mode in Rock Band 4. This gameplay mode, new to this version of the blockbuster franchise, accepts whatever input the player provides and transforms it into a real-time guitar improvisation, harmonically and rhythmically compatible with the song.

For this project, we worked on a small team with creative and audio leadership at Harmonix, iterating quickly to find a design that satisfied interactivity, audio quality, and production demands. The final prototype we created served as a basis for the mode in the shipping game.

Polyspectral also provided DSP development and optimization for the guitar effects used in this mode.

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Headphone X

DTS's Headphone:X is a suite of technologies which simulate a three-dimensional listening environment in ordinary headphones. It lets you hear movies, games, or music in full surround sound, exactly as the artist intended, in any pair of consumer headphones.

Polyspectral helped build the next generation of some of the core Headphone:X libraries. This involved collaborating with the research team to help define data formats, implementing DSP algorithms from research specifications, optimizing code to hit performance targets, and maintaining a full set of build, testing, and packaging scripts to keep releases running smoothly.

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Interested in hearing more, or want to explore working together on a creative audio project? Please feel free to drop us a line.