Polyspectral is a small developer of audio software based in Boston. We build refined, high-quality, fun tools to help you make great music and sound.


Polyspectral's first plugin release is Polyspectral MBC, a multiband compressor built for transparency and performance. It's ideal for mastering, tracking, and live mixing.

For Game Developers

Polyspectral MBC is also available as a plugin for Wwise, to improve your game's mix and dynamics at runtime. Click here for more information or to download and try it for free.


We also provide consulting services, for projects that need niche expertise at the intersection of deep software engineering, signal processing theory, and audio creativity. In particular we have many years of experience in the video game industry and are uniquely qualified to tackle problems surrounding interactive audio.

Here are some ways we have added some audio magic to interesting projects:

Interested in working together on a challenging audio project? Reach out anytime!