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Polyspectral LLC

Polyspectral MBC

Polyspectral MBC

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Polyspectral MBC is a multiband compressor plug-in. It is built to be efficient and sonically transparent, with ultra-low latency so it can be used for real-time applications like tracking and live mixing.

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  • Wide support. The plugin is available in VST3 on Windows and Mac, and AU on Mac, for use in most major DAWs. AAX support is coming soon. M1/M2 Macs are natively supported.
  • Low CPU usage. The signal processing algorithms used have been selected carefully and optimized for x86/x64 and ARM processor cores, for consistently low overhead. Use it on every track!
  • Negligible latency. The use of minimum-phase filters means the plugin can do its work without adding any noticeable delay.
  • Elegant, responsive interface. Polyspectral MBC features clear, intuitive parameter adjustment and a real-time spectral display, so you can see exactly what it's doing to your frequency spectrum and dynamics.
  • Sonically transparent. The compression algorithm was designed with mastering in mind. It is extremely transparent and will not give the mix any undesired color.
  • Flexible bus layout. All common speaker layouts, as well as Ambisonic formats, are supported transparently.

For Game Developers

Polyspectral MBC is also available as a plugin for Wwise, to improve your game's mix and dynamics at runtime. Click here for more information or to download and try it for free.