MBC for Wwise interface update

MBC for Wwise interface update

Today we're releasing a new version of MBC for Wwise.

In this update, the Wwise plugin's older interface is replaced by the more attractive and readable interface from the DAW plugin.

You can use MBC in Wwise 2023.1 now, in addition to the previously supported versions of 2022.1 and 2021.1. (In fact, we can quickly get you a build for any Wwise version going back to 2016, so just reach out if you're locked to an older version!)

Sidechain modes

This update also new sidechain modes. Previous versions of MBC could read a single RTPC parameter value to drive compression of all four bands of your signal. Now we've added two new modes:

  • Write multiple levels lets you write four RTPC parameters at once, representing the level in each frequency band.
  • Read multiple levels lets you read four RTPC inputs at once, using them to independently drive all four band compressors.

In this way you can set up sidechain compression where each frequency band is handled independently. You can also extract these RTPC values in your game, for example to drive visual effects in ways specific to each frequency band.

The new plugin version can be downloaded today at MBC for Wwise! As always, you can try it out right away inside Wwise, or contact us for a trial license to try it in your game.

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